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This course is the introduction to multimedia technology (audio and video). It overviews sound and picture acquisition, signal processing, transmission and distribution, recording and reproduction including physiology of hearing and vision. It provides fundamental information for understanding the main principles for system solutions in the field.

Knowledge of fundamentals from mathematics and physics.

The goal of the cousre is to present fundamentals from audiovisual technology - caption, signal processing, transmition, distribution, recording and reproduction including physiology of hearing and vision. It provides information for understanding main principles and system solutions in the field.

1. Physiology and anatomy of eye, psychovisual aspects of vision
2. Physiology of hearing, psychoacoustical aspects of vision
3. Image information preprocessing techniques
4. Electroacoustic transducers
5. Source coding of sound
6. Sound processing and recording
7. Sensing and reproduction of image, 3D reproduction
8. Fundamentals of room acoustics
9. Sound acquisition and reinforcement
10. Source coding of image information
11. Video transmission systems, television, IPTV
12. Basic measurements in acoustics
13. Applied image technology, video recording
14. Digital photography, desktop polygraphy, holography

1. Physiology of vision - determination of basic parameters of visual sensing
2. Multimedia signals - measurement on typical interfaces (e.g. SCART, HDMI)
3. Basic properties of analog and digital color TV systems
4. Image compression - computer simulation, subjective evaluation
5. Digital photo camera - measurement of parameters, High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR), white balance
6. Image displays - measurement of basic parameters, electro-optical transfer function
7. Sound field modeling
8. Acoustic and mechanical systems and their models
9. Directivity of acoustic transmitters, directivity factor and index, power
10. Characteristics of hering systems, subjective tests, evaluation principles
11. Impedance of loudspeaker in closed and vented enclosures
12. Loudspeaker crossovers
13. Recording media - CD, magnetic tape, DVD, MD
14. Test

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