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Technologies used in electronics, laser, and other beam technologies and IC packaging will be characterized. There will also be discussed fundamentals of winding, drying and impregnation processes. The subject is also the basis for producing single-crystal Si. Technology using plasma technology, packaging, and basic assembly technologies are also presented.

A student must attend at a practical training and must obtain an assessment before examination. A knowledge of lectured matter and laboratory tasks will be required at examination.

Students learn basic types of technological processes used in electrical production as well as with basic types of power electronic components and their properties.

1. Lasers and laser beam as a technological tool. Application of a laser beam.
2. Electron, ion and molecular beam. Sources, technology, applications.
3. Plasma and technologies using plasma. Applications. Manufacturing Si single crystals.
4. Packaging of electronic devices. Technology of electronic assembly.
5. Resistive, inductive and dielectric heating and applications. Principle of a magnetron.
6. Processes in power electrical and current fields.
7. Principles, materials, technology and application of 3D printing.
8. Fundamentals of technology and production winding.
9. Drying and impregnation technology in electrical engineering.
10. Conductors and superconductors for electrical devices.
11. Metalic cables for power and communication applications.
12. Technology of surface finishes and protective layers.
13. Technology of power conductors and cables.
14. Production systems in electrical engineering, types, arrangement.

1. Organization of labs, safety in the laboratory, explanation and demonstration of tasks 1 to 2
2. Explanation and demonstration of tasks 3 to 6
3. Vacuum drying and impregnation.
4. Soft soldering in electrical engineering.
5. Joining of power cables.
6. Joining of conductors and cables. Test.
7. Drilling and checking of PC boards.
8. Sputtering and evaporation of thin films.
9. Explanation and demonstration of tasks 7 to 9.
10. Task 7
11. Task 8
12. Task 9
13. Checking of laboratory results.
14. Assessment.

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