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The purpose of the safety course is to give the students basic knowledge of electrical equipment and installation as to avoid danger arising from operation of it. This introductory course contains fundamentals of Safety Electrical Engineering. In this way the students receive qualification of instructed person that enables them to work on electrical equipment.

Mandatory attendance at lecture and seminar.
Work out of the written exam (test).

Qualification of persons. Effect of current passing through the human body. Safety symbols and safety identification. Safety operation of and work on electrical installations, authorization of persons. Protection against direct and indirect contact. Safety of electrical equipment. Classes of protection. First aid treatment of the electric shock.

Discussion - the prevention of electric hazards. Movie.
Written exam (test) of electrical qualification.

1. Kůla , Kříž: Introduction to Eelectrical Engineering, ČVUT, Prague, 2011
2. http://bezpecnost.feld.cvut.cz/

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