Graphical Design B0B39GRT
Credits 5
Semesters Both
Completion Graded Assessment
Language of teaching Czech
Extent of teaching 2P+2S
The course grants an overview of graphical design and typography. It includes also a practical training in creating graphical design of electronical documents and hand drawing.
Study targets
The purpose of the course is to grant knowledge and skills needed for creating of individual graphics design.
Course outlines
1. Introduction to the graphical design - history, state-of-art.
2. Drawing a: the way of perception, transformation of reality into drawn work.
3. Drawing b: styles, differences in hand painted pictures.
4. Drawing c: model and imagination.
5. Drawing d: lines, preparation for drawing.
6. Composition - the space for a graphical expression, harmony.
7. Colors - basic principles of color composition.
8. Typography - rules, font types, basic terms.
9. Basics of photography.
10. Combination of drawing, photography and font.
11. Geometric elements, animation, video.
12. Special effects.
13. Complex design.
Exercises outlines
1. The task 1: drawing.
2. Basics of coutour drawing.
3. Drawing design.
4. Check point for task 1.
5. Evaluation of task 1, start of task 2. - color design.
6. Training of the color composition.
7. Design of individual color solution.
8. Checkpoint for task 2.
9. Evaluation of task 2, start of task 3 - typesetting.
10. Typographic design of document.
11. Check point for the task 3, task 4 - photography.
12. Design and realization of a photographic work.
13. Evaluation of the task 4.

Project: Four tasks will be solved during the course by each student. The tasks are oriented to hand drawing, color composition, typographic design and photography.
1. Brožková Ivana: Dobrodružství barvy. SPN, Praha 1983. In Czech.
2. Hlavsa Oldřich: Typographia I, II, III. SNTL Praha 1976, 1981. In Czech.
3. Parramón José Maria, Pechová Magdaléna: Velká kniha o kresbě; Historie, malířsky ateliér, materiály a postupy, náměty, teorie a praxe olejomalby. Nakladatelství Svojtka a Vašut, Praha 1996. ISBN 80-7180-093-7. In Czech.
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