Control and Regulation of Electric Drives - B1M14REP

Credits 5
Semesters Winter
Completion Assessment + Examination
Language of teaching Czech
Extent of teaching 2P+2L
The course is an introduction to the problems of the theory of continuous control of electrical drives and power converters. During the semester are discussed the basics of feedback control, transmission system, determining the stability of the system, including controller types and methods of tuning.
Course outlines
1. Controlled systems
2. Dynamics systems
3. Linear systems
4. Feedback systems
5. Block diagrams of regulated systems
6. Transfer function
7. Analysis in frequecy domains
8. Stability
9. Synthesis in frequency domains, PID
10. State space
11. Stace space systems
12. Controlability, observability
13. State space control
14. Reserve
Exercises outlines
1. Introduction to Simulink
2. Mathematical modeling
3. Transfer functions
4. Exapme of controller tunning
5. Laboratory task PID controller
6. Laboratory task
7. Laboratory task
8. Laboratory task
9. Second laboratory task, test
10. Laboratory task in Simulinku
11. Laboratory task in Simulinku
12. Laboratory task in Simulinku
13. Evaluation of laboratory tasks, assesment
14. Reserve
G. F. Franklin., Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems (7th edition)