Fundamentals of Electrotechnical Engineering

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Fundamentals of Electrotechnical Engineering BD5B14ZEL
Credits 4
Semesters Winter
Completion Graded Assessment
Language of teaching Czech
Extent of teaching 14KP+6KC
The course extends necessary knowledge of creating technical documentation, including oral and written presentation of technical information. The second half of the semester is focused on explaining and practicing the basic parts of electrical engineering, so that the students' initial knowledge is increased to the level needed in the following semesters.
Course outlines
1. Technical drawing
2. Dimensioning and tolerances
3. Schemes and diagrams in electrical engineering
4. Basic wiring
5. Basic types of electrical signals in electrical engineering
6. Basic concepts of electrical engineering
7. Principles of connecting elements in electrical engineering
8. Basic principles of electromagnetic field
9. Principles of oral presentation
10. Nonverbal communication
11. Semiconductor components
12. Intelligent relay
13. Principles of writing technical reports
14. Reserve
Exercises outlines
The final seminar takes place during the exam period.

1. Drawing and dimensioning of a simple model
2. Measurement with an oscilloscope and the RC2000 circuit
3. Graphical processing of measured data
4. Written test
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