Virtual Instrumentation - BE3M38VIN1

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The subject deals with modern measuring instruments, virtual instruments (VI) and data acquisition and processing systems (DAQ). It presents principles of instruments and measurement systems in laboratory and industrial environment, selected measurement methods and standards for programming of VI and DAQ systems.
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1. The notion of virtual instruments. Architectures of instruments and data acquisition systems.
2. Multifunction measuring modules and digitizers. Instrument input circuits. Noise and its suppression.
3. Standards for data acquisition systems programming (IEEE-488.2, SCPI, VPnP, VISA, IVI, PXI, LXI, AXIe).
4. Modular systems. Serial interfaces. Instrument drivers.
5. Development systems for programming of virtual instruments (C/C++, LabView, VEE, Matlab/Simulink). Virtual instruments in RTOS (RTX, LV/LW Real Time).
6. Inclusion of VI into network. API for communication protocols in OS Unix and Windows.
7. Selected types of HW. Measurement of power and consumption. Electronic loads, power analyzers.
8. Generators of analog, digital and special signals.
9. Digital oscilloscopes and digitizers. Spectrum and vector analyzers.
10. Synchronous detectors. Vector-voltmeters, impedance analyzers.
11. Standards of electrical quantities. Standards of time.
12. Testing of A/D converters. Digital signal processing in time domain and in frequency domain.
13. Synchronization in wide and distributed systems. Protocols NTP and PTP.
14. Distribution of time using GNSS and using optical fibers.
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R. B. Northrop, Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurements, CRC Press 2014. ISBN 978-1466596771
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