Selected Topics of Optics - XP02VPO

Credits 4
Semesters Winter
Completion Assessment + Examination
Language of teaching English
Extent of teaching 2P+2S
Properties of light, wave equation, plane wave, polarization, reflection and refraction, natural and artificial anisotropy, optical modulators, coherence, interference, thin films, interferometers, diffraction, optical grating, holography, methods of visualization, normal and anomalous dispersion, optical image formation, optical devices, photometry, colorimetry, atoms radiation, stimulated emission, lasers.
Course outlines
1. Basic properties of light, wave equation, plane wave, polarization, energy
2. Reflection and refraction , Fresnel's formula, reflections at metal surface
3. Elements of crystals optics, anizotropic crystals, polarizers, phase plate
4. Artificial anisotropy, methods of realization, electrooptical modulators
5. Theory of interference, coherent radiation and sources, interference on thin film
6. Application of interference: reflections and antireflection coatings, interferometers
7. Diffraction on circular hole and screen, optical gratings, method of phase contrast
8. Holography, holographic recording and wavefront reconstruction, applications
9. Schlieren and shadow methods of visualization, schlieren systems, applications
10. Dispersion of light, dispersion relation, normal and anomalous dispersion
11. Optical image formation, optical systems, optical devices, aberration
12. Photometry, eye and vision, photometrical units, foundations of colorimetry
13. Radiation of atoms and molecules, spectra, spectroscopy, spectral analysis
14. Stimulated emission, lasers, applications
Exercises outlines
1. Polarization by reflection at interface of dielectrics, Brewster's angle
2. Thin film polarizer
3. Transfer function of electrooptical modulator
4. Contrast rate of optical system with Pockel's cell
5. Measurement with a schlieren system
6. Michelson interferometer, coherence length
7. Index of refraction calculation from interference fringes shift
8. Diffraction on circular hole, screen and fiber
9. Diffraction on optical slit and grating
10. Magnification of optical devices
11. Spectral measurements
12. Spectral analysis
13. Demonstration of laser system
14. Demonstration of XUV-radiation source
[1] Born, M., Wolf, E.: Principles of Optics, Pergamon Press Oxford 1968