Virtual Instruments

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Virtual Instruments AE0M38VIP
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A subject deals with programming virtual instruments based on standardized
interfaces (PCI, PXI, VXI). Lectures are focused on application of
up-to-date standards for data acquisition systems programming (VXIplug&play,
VISA, IVI) and selected software techniques in Windows, Linux and Phar Lap
operating systems. Assigned software tasks in laboratories are solved using
C/C++ language or LabVIEW environment.
Cíle studia
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Osnovy přednášek
1. Virtual instruments (VIs) - introduction.
2. Operating systems for VIs including RTOS. Development of software
3. The use of C/C++ language for programming measurement application.
4. Integrated development systems based on textual (C/C++) or graphical
oriented languages (LabVIEW, VEE, etc.).
5. Standards programming VIs (VXIplug&play, IVI, VISA).
6. Hardware of VIs, influence of controller on VIs
7. Blocks for pro virtual instrumentation - functional and structural types
of blocks for Vis, parameters.
8. Programming DAQ modules using registers or device drivers.
9. Multitasking in Win32 and Linux. Processes and threads, basic scheduling
mechanisms. Threads synchronization.
10. Integration of VIs to computer network. API for communication protocols
in Unix and Windows OS.
11. VIs working under RTOS.
12. Integration of VI to hybrid DAQ systems. Time synchronization.
13. Design and implementation of VIs, practical aspects.
14. Advantages and disadvantages of VIs - analysis of development,
production and operational costs, VIs resistance.
Osnovy cvičení
1. Assignment of projects focused on programming VIs integrated to
distributed and hybrid DAQ system.
2. Integrated development system for Win32 application (under MS Windows or
Phar Lap ETS), introduction.
3. Integrated development system for Linux application, introduction.
4. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.
5. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.
6. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.
7. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.
8. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.
9. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.
10. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.
11. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.
12. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.
13. Projects testing.
14. Project presentation, evaluation.
1. J. Park, S. Mackay: Practical Data Acquisition for Instrumentation and
Control Systems, Newnes 2003, ISBN: 978-0750657969
2. G. W. Johnson, R. Jennings: LabVIEW Graphical Programming, McGraw-Hill,
2006, ISBN: 0-07-1455146-3
3. S. Sumathi, P. Surekha: LabVIEW based Advanced Instrumentation Systems,
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2007, ISBN: 103-540-48500-7
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