Signals and Systems - A8B37SAS

Credits 8
Semesters Summer
Completion Assessment + Examination
Language of teaching Czech
Extent of teaching 4P+2C
Continuous and discrete time signal representation in time and frequency domain. Stochastic signals and their parameters. Elementary principles of analog modulations with their noise conditions. Fundamental course for further study focusing on communication, measurement and signal processing.
Course outlines
1. Signal in continuous time and discrete time
2. Energy, power, correlation, Hilbert space
3. Orthogonal systems
4. Signal description in frequency domain (FT and FS) for signals in continuous and discrete time
5. Properties and mutual relations of FT, FS, DtFT, DtFS, and DFT
6. Second-order signal properties in time and frequency domain, Parseval's theorem
7. Linear time-invariant systems in time domain
8. Linear time-invariant systems in time domain
9. Stochastic signals, stationarity and ergodicity
10. Second-order characteristics of stochastic signals in time domain
11. Stochastic signals in frequency domain, power and energetic spectral density (empirical, probabilistic, and doubly-averaged signal characteristics)
12. Signal sampling and reconstruction for deterministic and stochastic signals
13. Stochastic band-pass signals, complex envelope, second-order signal characteristics of complex envelope
14. Analog modulation
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