Both lecture and exercises cancelled on Wednesday, March 7

Both lecture and exercises cancelled on Wednesday, March 7

by Hurák Zdeněk -
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Dear students of the Optimal and Robust Control course,

unfortunately I have to cancel the lecture tomorrow (Wednesday, March 7). I have been down with flue for a few days. I hoped to recover by today to be able to deliver the "lecture" but I am still not fine and I think you'd better avoid being in the same room with me now.

It is even more unfortunate that I was to supervise the exercises as well this week since Martin Gurtner is out of town. Therefore, I have to cancel the exercises too.

The good news is, however, that even though the topic for this week is very important (we finally start using optimization to design some control), you could master it on you own using the extensive set of videos that I made available online.

Concerning the exercises, please proceed as usual. That is, try to solve the problem on your own. Later on Wednesday I will make the solutions to the exersise(s) available. These will pretty much get you started for your work on the homework problem.

Should there be any problem, of course, do not hesitate to contact me. Ideally through the discussion forum here because then my answer can possibly help others. Or, perhaps even more ideally, somebody else may jump in and answer before I do.

One possible issue might be the availability of this or that solver. Please, have a look at the short note at the end of the homework problem assignment.

Thanks for understanding and good luck with your first optimization based controllers, namely MPC controllers.

Zdenek Hurak