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Intermediate report and presentation

Intermediate report and presentation

by Burget Pavel -
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The presentations are grouped by the affiliation of the supervisors to the departments. Each department organizes the presentations itself. The deadlines for submitting the intermediate reports and presentations have been updated.

For the report and presentations, provide a short technical overview of your project and concentrate on the project management aspects of your work. Use the provided materials (e.g. presentation of Mr. Prochazka) for reference. It should be clear how you have proceeded with your work up to the time of submitting the report, which milestones have been met, which milestones have not been met and why. Show the responsibilities and their fulfillment by every team member. Show the summary of your meetings you have had since the start of the project.

Keep in mind that your presentation should be attractive for the audience, while still having valuable contents that reflects the contents of the report.

The presentation must not be longer than 10 minutes, additional 5 minutes will be dedicated to discussion.