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Final presentation at the Dept of Cybernetics

Final presentation at the Dept of Cybernetics

by Drbohlav Ondřej -
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Dear Colleagues,

Presentations of the projects organized by the Department of Cybernetics will take place in room KN:G-205 on Wednesday, June 20, from 13:30 to 15.00. Please make sure that you clearly describe the progress since the intermediate presentation, and make a nice summary of the work done.

This relates to the following teams:

  •     Design and construction of a helicopter with sensors for indoor flying
  •     Integration of multi-UAV algorithms into the system designed for the MBZIRC competition
  •     Navigace mobilního robota Jackal
  •     Vývoj a testování plánovacích algoritmů pro projekt SafeLog

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Ondrej Drbohlav