Management - A0M16MGM

Credits 5
Semesters Both
Completion Assessment + Examination
Language of teaching Czech
Extent of teaching 2P+2S
The methods and procedures of effective management for company leading in competitors area.
Course outlines
1.The roles of management
2.Balanced Scorecard in practice
3.Leadership - modern method of the leading
4.Motivation - power in company
5.Delegation and feedback
6.Evaluation system and controlling
7.Management of employee development
8.Project management
9.Communication and presentation skills
10.Time management
11.Corporate culture and intercurtural management
12.Security and safety management
13.Actual trends in management
Exercises outlines
1.Interpersonal, information and decision - making roles
2.Introduction of management in context BSC - finance, custom, processes, HR
3.Best practices of the leading HR, cross management at the view of adaptation, development and employee longevity
4.Strategy of company in context motivation, benefits, longevity of employee, quality and competitive advantage
5.Period of delegation and feedback in context leadership, Performance management system. Method KARAT
6.Effective method PMS and competences modules in context difference payroll
7.Strategy of employee development in context strategy of company and analyse need of education
8.Effective project team in context time, resources, finance, processes, controlling, competences
9.External and internal, verbal and nonverbal communication in the company. Help for effective communication
10.Method TUTOR, chronological breakdown, logistic
11.What's company culture, how to do it, best practices
12.Law for controlling about the activities in companies - Kon TraG, SOX, method ,L - P - T'', personal liability
13.Innovation, entrepreneurship, couching, company mediation, implementation of environmental components
1. Dinsmore, P.C.,Cabanis-Brewin,J.: The AMA Handbook of Management, 2008, ISBN:97808144712