RPAPS 2021

The following public API was implemented as part of RPAPS 2021:
One of the goals of this project is the support of the so called grouped courses. At FEE it is usual, that several courses are being taught as a single course, e.g. they are taught only in english and the english version is included as well as the czech version, at one time. There is no central evidence, that would provide the information, which code groups denote the same course. As a result of this, links to to remote education are being filled in only for one of the courses by the teachers. Merging the codes under one course makes adding the links easier and offers another opportunity to share further information about a course to all enrolled student.

Public endpoints

Code groups (local_kos_get_grouped_kos_course_codes)
Returns information about course groups in Moodle.
Usage example

Access token: 629e1cbb51034f7771c1fb7b3a10d598

Secured endpoints

These endpoints are not publicly accessible. To gain access please contact us.

Moodle users (local_kos_get_users)
Returns ID and usernames of all Moodle users.
Usage example

Courses in the current semester (local_kos_get_courses_in_semester)
Returns IDs of all Moodle courses connected to KOS courses in a given semester.
Usage example

User's courses in the current semester (local_kos_get_user_courses_in_semester)
Returns IDs of all Moodle courses and KOS course codes, that a user is enrolled in, in a given semester. If the semester parameter is omitted, then all user's courses are returned. Codes are all the KOS courses mapped to a given Moodle course.
Usage example

User\"s grades in a course (local_kos_get_user_grades_in_course)
Returns information about users's grades in a course.
Usage example

Detailed documentation is accessible here.