Communications and Media Law - A0M32KMP

Credits 4
Semesters Winter
Completion Assessment + Examination
Language of teaching Czech
Extent of teaching 2P + 2C
A complex course dedicated to interdisciplinary problems - the legal aspects of electronic communications (information and communications systems), as well as media from the viewpoint of European and national law. It analyses the areas of informatics, electronic communications, information society services, copyright and general intellectual property rights, the protection of identity, introduction to software law and the Internet as a global communication and information system.
Course outlines
1. Introduction to the course. Basic terms.
2. Holidays
3. Development in the last three decades.
4. Implementation of European law into the national legislation.
5. Law of electronic communications - State administration of telecommunications.
6. Law of electronic communications - Regulation of telecommunications.
7. Media law and regulation of the Internet I.
8. Media law and regulation of the Internet II.
9. Regulation of the radiocommunications - the spectrum management of terrestrial and space infrastructure and services.
10. Radio spectrum monitoring.
11. Trends in the spectrum management for new advance radiocommunication technologies and services.
12. Standardization in ICT. Standardization bodies.
13. Competition law. Protection of Competition.
14. Protection of the identity. Protection of the content

Exercises outlines
1. Introduction. Organizational matters. Seminars topics assignment.
2. Creation and Trends in Legislation of Regulation of Electronic Communications in the Czech Republic and the EU (Seminar with the Director of the Department of Electronic Communications of the Ministry of Industry on Trade).
3. The role of the Czech Telecommunication Office in the regulation of electronic communications in the Czech Republic (seminar with the Chairman of the Board of the CTO).
4. Application of Legal Regulation in the Electronic Communications Sector in Regulatory Practice (seminar with the Director of Regulation of Communication Activities and Postal Services of the CTO).
5. Telecommunications legislation from the perspective of the operator of electronic communications networks (seminar with the Director for Regulation of CETIN).
6. Consultations on seminar exercises.
7. Legal Aspects of Software Operation (seminar with leading Czech expert on legal aspects of software usage).
8. Seminar exercise 1: Management and coordination of international telecommunications (ITU).
9. Seminar Exercise 2: Management and Coordination of European Telecommunications (CEPT).
10. Monitoring of radio spectrum in the field (practical exercise).
11. Seminar exercise 3: Management and regulation of the electronic communications market in the USA - FCC.
12. Seminar exercise 4: Net Neutrality - EU vs. USA.
13. Seminar exercise 5: Regulation of media market in some EU member states (F, UK). Copyright protection on the Internet.
14. Reserve exercise. Assessment.

Advised literature is available in Czech and Slovak only. English resources will be recommended directly by the lecturer.
Povinná účast na cvičeních ve smyslu studijních předpisů.
Řádně připravený, osobně přednesený a řádně obhájený příspěvek na seminář.
Zkouškou je písemný test a ústní zkouška.