Solar Energy Application Systems - AE1B13SVS

Credits 5
Semesters Summer
Completion Assessment + Examination
Language of teaching English
Extent of teaching 2P+2L
Solar energy. Photovoltaic phenomena. Photovoltaic cells and modules and their characteristics. Photovoltaic systems and their applications. Photo-thermal phenomena.Photo-thermal power stations. Significance, economic and environmental aspects of solar energy exploitation.
Study targets
To give students knowledge about basic solar energy application systems
Course outlines
1. Solar energy and basic forms of its exploitation
2. Influence of geographic position and climate on spectra and irradiance
3. Photovoltaic effect, photovoltaic cells, basic structure and characteristics
4. Construction and technology of photovoltaic cells
5. Construction and technology of photovoltaic modules
6. Basic types of photovoltaic systems
7. Converters for photovoltaic systems
8. Optimisation of PV system operating conditions
9. Energy storage systems
10. Basic economic and ecological aspects
11. Conversion solar energy to thermal energy
12. Solar power stations
13. Solar energy for high temperature technology
14. Present trends in the field of solar systems
Exercises outlines
1. Organizing matters
2. Laboratory exercises - explanation of the 1st block of measurements
3. Measuring irradiance
4. Measuring influence of irradiance on parameters of solar cells
5. Measuring influence of parasitic resistances on parameters of solar cells
6. Measuring temperature dependence of solar cells parameters
7. Explanation of the 2nd block of measurements. 1st test
8. Measuring I-V characteristics of PV modules, influence of local shading
9. Measuring autonomous PV system - battery charging
10. Measuring PV system with inverter
11. Solar system designing
12. Excursion - demonstration PV system
13. Final test
14. Assessment
[1] Gordon, J., et al: Solar Energy - the State of the Art, James & James(Science Publishesrs), London, 2001
[2] Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering. Edited by A. Luque and S. Hegedus, John Wiley & Sons,2003