Linear Algebra - B0B01LAGA

Credits 7
Semesters Winter
Completion Assessment + Examination
Language of teaching Czech
Extent of teaching 4P+2S
No data.
Course outlines
1. Linear spaces.
2. Linear span, linear dependence and independence.
3. Basis, dimensions, coordinates w.r.t. a basis.
4. Linear mappings, matrices as linear mappings.
5. The matrix of a linear mapping, transformatio of coordinates.
6. Systems of linear equations, Frobenius' Theorem, geometry of solutions of systems.
7. The determinant of a square matrix.
8. Eigenvalues and diagonalisation, Jordan's form.
9. The abstract scalar product.
10. Orthogonal projections and orthogonalisation.
11. Least squares, SVD and pseudoinverse.
12. Mutual position of affine subspaces and their mutual distance.
13. Vector product and metric calculations in R^n.
14. Spare week.
[1] Halmos, P.: Finite-dimensional vector spaces,2nd edition, Springer 2000.