English Language B2-1 - B0B04B21

Credits 3
Semesters Winter
Completion Assessment
Language of teaching undefined
Extent of teaching 2C
This course is designed as a full-year, two semester preparation course for the university’s compulsory B2-level English Examination (Anglický jazyk B2 - zkouška - B0B04B2Z*). While the course is focused on helping students reach a level required to pass the B2-level English Examination (or improve their English for a higher mark), it also focuses more on the academic and technical vocabulary and grammar expected of students at the university level.

*NOTE: This exam is also used for determining an appropriate level of English for Erasmus / International Study.
Study targets
It is recommended that students take both English Language B2-1 and English Language B2-2 prior to taking the B2-level English Examination, but it is not mandatory.
Course outlines
In order to receive credit, students are to:

1) miss no more than 2 classes

2) participate actively during class

3) work independently on home assignments (it is expected that students will study for 3 hours per week – outside of class)

4) hand in a written assignment

5) pass two tests with at least a 65% average of the total points
Exercises outlines
1) Week 1 MODULE ONE: Prepositions

2) Week 2 MODULE TWO: Phrasal Verbs

3) Week 3 MODULE THREE: Writing an Essay

4) Week 4 MODULE FOUR: Reading: Cause & Effect Markers; Prepositions & Collocations

5) Week 5 MODULE FIVE: Listening Exercise (Prepositions); Countable & Uncountable Nouns; Prefixes

6) Week 6 MODULE SIX: Midterm Test

7) Week 7 MODULE SEVEN: Reading for Detail

8) Week 8 MODULE EIGHT: Listening Practice

9) Week 9 MODULE NINE: Grammar / Vocabulary: Reporting Verbs

10) Week 10 MODULE TEN: Conjunctions and Sentence Connectors

11) Week 11 MODULE ELEVEN: -ic/ical Endings

12) Week 12 MODULE TWELVE: Final Test

13) Week 13 Spare week

14) Week 14 Spare week
1) Hewings, M. (2012). Cambridge University Press. Cambridge Academic English: An Integrated skills course for

2) EAP (English for Academic Purposes). Student’s Book. Upper - Intermediate.

3) McCarthy, M. & O’Dell, F. (2008). Cambridge University Press. Academic Vocabulary in Use.

4) Murphy, R. (2004). Cambridge University Press. English Grammar in Use. Intermediate.
A) This course is intended for students who have fulfilled their B1 klasikovaný zápočet requirement (it is highly recommended that students complete Anglický jazyk B1 - klasifikovaný zápočet - B0B04B1K, but it is not mandatory).

B) It is recommended that students take English Language B2-1 prior to taking English Language B2-2, but it is not mandatory.