Teamwork - BE3MPVTY1

Credits 6
Semesters Summer
Completion Assessment
Language of teaching English
Extent of teaching 0P+4C
Teamwork is the basis of most of the activities that people perform in companies and their personal lives. In this course, students can try how to solve a technical task in a team, how to cooperate, how to communicate together and how to solve problems such as project delays, how to include external influences in the plan, etc.
Course outlines
Students will be divided into teams, which solve the announced projects by faculty staff. Work on projects is checked in the middle of the semester of presentations, where students inform coordinators about ongoing work on the topic. The author of the topic evaluates the topic during the project solution, especially for the quality of assignment processing, communication and documentation. The course coordinator evaluates the quality of the final report and presentation during the semester. An external worker from the industry evaluates the quality of the final reports and the final presentation.
Project Management Institute: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Project Management Institute, 2013, ISBN 1935589679, 9781935589679