Embedded Systems Design - A4B38NVS

Credits 6
Semesters Winter
Completion Assessment + Examination
Language of teaching Czech
Extent of teaching 2+2L
The main aim of this subject is design of embeded systems using microcontrollers. It is mainly focused on 32-bit (alter. 8-bit) microcontrollers and DSP, supporting logic devices, external input/output devices and the other supporting devices.
Course outlines
1. Blocks of a embedded system
2. Microcontrollers, their peripherals, buses, digital signal processors
3. Microcontrollers used for laboratory experiments, interface, signals, timing
4. Logic devices, parameters, power consumption, grounding
5. Memories, RW-SRAM, FIFO, Duala ported, SDRAM, stucture, timing
6. Nonvolatile memories ROM, MASK ROM, EPROM, FLASH - NOR, NAND, memory cards
7. Input/output port, peripheral controllers interfacing (USAT, EThernet, CAN)
8. Interfacing - push buttons, keyboard, touch screen
9. Embedded system design - bus timing, CPU to memory and I/O interfacing
10. Dynamicaly controlled LED display, graphical LCD interfacing
11. Timers, input capture, output compare modul, PWM, driving of power outputs
12. Supervisory devices, watch dog, power supply for embedded system, battery powering
13. Cooperation of microcontrollers in an embedded system
14. Case study
Exercises outlines
1. Introduction, IDE for ARM Cortex M3 (STM32)
2. Compiling, debugging
3. Reading of input pins, push button interfacing, keyboard
4. Output port interfacing, LEDs and stepper motor driwing
5. Character LCD interfacing
6. Serial communication, use of a UART
7. Use of a SPI - Serial peripheral interface, input/output connecting
8. Inter integrated circuits bus - IIC, memory and supervisory device interfacing
9. Use of timers, input capture and output compare unit, PWM generation
10. Project specification design of a DAQ (data acquisition system), analysis
11. Project - solution: keyboard and LED interfacing + programs
12. Project - solution: use of a ADC, LCD interfacing + programs
13. Project - solution: program debugging
14. Project - presentation, evaluation
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