Modern Sensors - B3M38MSE

Credits 6
Semesters Winter
Completion Assessment + Examination
Language of teaching undefined
Extent of teaching 2P+2L
An overview of sensors of physical quantities used in industry and in research and methods of signal processing.
Study targets
Students shall gain advanced knowledge of sensors and methods of sensor signal processing. They also gain experience with measuremnet of physical quantities using various types of sensors.
Course outlines
1 Physical principles of sensors, basic parameters.
2. Production technologies, materials and measurement. Modelling and design of sensors.
3. Methods for reducing uncertainty. Noise and its measurement.
4. Calibration and testing of sensors. Smart sensors.
5. Sensor data processing: correlation, PSD, filtration and data fusion, tomography.
6. Precise magnetic sensors.
7. Sensors of electric current.
8. Imaging in medicine. Medical diagnostics sensors.
10. Applications in automotive and aerospace technology.
11. Safety applications. Sensors for virual reality.
12. Sensors for intelligent buildings and industry.
13. Applications in geophysics and archaeology.
Exercises outlines
Labs are practically oriented. Students gain experience in building advanced measurement circuits for major types of sensors, determine the characteristics and calculate uncertainty of measurement. They also learn handling complicated measurement instruments.

1. Pressure, flowrate of gases.
2. Flowrate of liquids.
3. Accelerometer
4. Correlation measurement of speed.
5. Magnetic sensors for automotive revolution speed sensors.
6. Senzory humidity measurement
7. Semicoductor temperature sensors
8. Contactless temperature sensing - pyrometry
9. Chemical sensors
10. AMR magnetic field sensor
11. FEM modelling of sensor
12. Position sensor. Calibration of ultrasound sensor with digital oscilloscope
13. Modulation and synchronous detection (mechanical strain measurement).
[1] Ripka, P., Tipek, A.(ed.): Modern Sensors Handbook , ISTE 2007 (brožovaná verze ve 20 ks v knihovně ČVUT: Master book on sensors editors P. Ripka and A. Tipek,ČVUT/BEN,2003).
[2] Fraden J.: Handbook of Modern Sensors. 5th ed. Springer 2016, ISBN 978-3-319-19302-1
available online (from ČVUT IP address space) on
no prerequisities
Knowlege of physics and of electrical measurements is welcome