Technical Writing - B2B99TPS

Credits 4
Semesters Winter
Completion Graded Assessment
Language of teaching Czech
Extent of teaching 2P+2C
The course aims to help students with various technical or scientific reports (lab report, article, final thesis etc.) Also important is, in addition to language and stylistic skills, to show how to obtain and present scientific information. Given are also up-to-date methods for efficient typing and document automation, including LaTeX. All topics are practiced by related tasks in the Moodle.
Course outlines
1. Sorts and characteristics of technical and scientific literature.
2. How to write a final thesis.
3. Technical language specialties.
4. Bibliographics search and electronic documents.
5. Citations, ČSN ISO 690 standard, citation managers.
6. Data processing and plotting (MATLAB, Excel)..
7. Equations and graphics in text editors.
8. Publishing in LaTeX.
9. Text review and related terms in English-speaking environment.
10. Technical drawing, CAD, vector graphics.
11. Oral presentation, Powerpoint and Beamer.
12. Patents and utility models.
13. a 14. Presentation of miniprojects.
Exercises outlines
1. Introduction, language minitest.
2. Abstract.
3. Conclusion.
4. Description of an experiment, physical phenomenon etc.
5. Bibliographic search.
6. Citations, citation managers.
7. Graphs.
8. Text formatting in an editor.
9. Typesetting in LaTeX.
10. Text review.
11. Effective voice techniques.
12. Homework: miniprojects.
13.-14. Presentation of miniprojects.
See the Czech description.
1. Attend the seminars (max. 2* absent).
2. Complete the tasks in the Moodle.
3. To write, cross-review and defend a final miniproject.