Review of Mathematics 1 - BE0B02RM1

Credits 8
Semesters Winter
Completion Assessment + Examination
Language of teaching English
Extent of teaching 4p+4s
No data.
Course outlines
1) Mathematical symbols, basic algebra.
2) Functions and graphs.
3) Linear functions, quadratic functions.
4) Linear rational functions, power functions.
5) Logarithmic functions, logarithm properties, exponential functions.
6) Trigonometric functions, summary of trigonometric identities.
7) Linear equations, linear inequalities.
8) System of linear equations.
9) Quadratic equations, quadratic inequalities.
10) Absolute value equations, absolute value inequalities
11) Logarithmic equations, exponential equations, trigonometric equations.
12) Complex numbers, arithmetic of complex numbers, complex plane.
13) Polar form of complex numbers, exponential form of complex numbers. De Moivre's theorem.
No data.