Environmental Engineering - BEV002EKE

Credits 3
Semesters Summer
Completion Graded Assessment
Language of teaching English
Extent of teaching 2P+1L
Attention is paid to the basic knowledge of ecology, the state of the environment, phenomena affecting its quality and sustainability. Measurement systems, measurement methods, monitoring and sensors of environmental variables are briefly discussed. Many of these measurement methods are practiced in laboratories.
Study targets
To obtain a survey in environmental engineering from the perspective of an electrical engineer.
Course outlines
1. Environmental survey of the Czech Republic and the World.
2. Environmental problems. Ecosystems. Biodiversity.
3. Air pollution. Immissions and emissions assessments.
4. Measuring and monitoring methods in the environment.
5. Food security. Soil. Pest management. Assessment and monitoring.
6. Environmental hazards. Human health.
7. Climate, climate change. Impact assessment.
8. Nature treasure. Non-renewable/renewable energy. Impact assessment.
9. Water resources, water pollution. Assessment and monitoring.
10. Waste management. Waste-free technologies.
11. Noise. Infrasound. Ultrasound. Vibration. Assessment and measuring methods.
12. Electrical and magnetic fields. Ionizing radiation. Assessment and measuring methods.
13. Thermal comfort. Light comfort. Measurement methods and sensors.
14. Nuclear Energetics. Environmental projects. Databases. Test.
Exercises outlines
1. Measurement of flue gases.
2. Measurement of electric fields of residual charges.
3. Detection and determination of heavy metals in water.
4. Measurement of leaking magnetic field of industrial frequencies at interiors.

Outdoor measurements:
5. Measurement of induced AC electric currents of industrial frequency in bodies of exposed people.
6. Measurement of the density of heat flow from the active surface of the landfill.
7. Measurement of the electrical and magnetic components of solar radiation.
8. Demonstration of the influence of partially polarized solar radiation on the environment.

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Elaboration of 4 experiments reports, successfully written test in the time of the last lecture, and participation at outdoor measurement.