Laboratories of Industrial Electronics and Sensors - B3B38LPE

Credits 4
Semesters Summer
Completion Graded Assessment
Language of teaching Czech
Extent of teaching 0P+4L
The objective of the "Laboratories" is to introduce students in a playful and interactive way with basic blocks of an industrial sensor system - from the sensor itself, through signal processing circuits, analog to digital signal conversion, software processing by a microcontroller up to the sending of the results to the superior system or database and their presentation to the user within the concept "Internet of Things".
Study targets
see the abstract
Course outlines
The focus of the subject is laboratory work, regular lectures are not planned but, on the contrary, exceptional lectures on related topics submitted by external collaborators from industry are possible.
Exercises outlines
Exercises are designed to be a benefit for a complete beginner as well as an advanced developer and programmer of embedded devices. It will be possible to pass a schedule prepared for students with a minimum of practical experience with electronics, or spend most of the semester on individually set projects (for experienced students). Specific timetable for the semester - see Moodle, if you are interested in more detailed information, please visit the subject's website. In the final phase of the semester (at least 4 weeks), all students will work on the selected individual project and present it to everyone else.
Motivation to lern new things.

Basic knowledge of electronics and microcontroller programming in C is required. Students will be asked to pass an entry test to verify this.