Topic outline

  • NUR - User Interface Desing

    The aim of the course is to teach students principles of user interface design based on User centered design methodology (UCD - ISO 9241-210). Students will become familiar with methods for information, interaction, visual and user experience design of user interfaces. Students will gain theoretical background of mental models of users, methods for formal description of interaction between human and computer and design of multimodal user interfaces. During the course students will get familiar with various prototyping techniques.

    Course objectives

    Knowledge and understanding of: Methods for eliciting and specifying requirements; Techniques for producing successful designs; Use of prototypes and prototyping methodology in design.

    Intellectual (thinking skills) - able to: Elicit appropriate human-centered requirements; Apply design techniques to a design problem

    Practical skills: Develop one or more prototypes of a design; Use prototypes in the design process.

    Transferable skills: Communication of requirements; Presentation of designs; Group work; Reflect on design process; Group work.

    Official web page in the KOS system:

    We as members of Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction follow the academic principles (see ). We would like to encourage you to follow these principles.

    Check also rules discussing the originality of your work (in Czech only): .

    • Lectures

      1. Principles of user interface design process, how to apply User Centered Design approach, user requirements analysis based on user research, scenarios/storyboards [PDF]

      2. User interfaces formal description and models: HTA; Ideation: Sketching, Design studio [PDF]

      3. Prototyping - Mockups, LoFi; case study [PDF]

      4. Prototyping - HiFi, information architecture design (card sorting, ERD/OOD), formative evaluation, design sprint [PDF]

      5. System architectures: (H)MVC, PAC; User interfaces formal description and models: Seeheim, Arch, CTT, STN, Flow chart, Petri nets, JSD [PDF-FULL]

      6. Visual perception and thinking [PDF]

      7. Psychological aspects: KLM, GOMS, Memory, Fitt's law [PDF-FULL]

      8. Psychological aspects: User models, MHP, memory, Hick-Hyman law, Power law [PDF-FULL]

      9. HCI design rules at glance (heuristics, design patterns, design guidelines), interaction styles [PDF]

      10. Dialogue and conversation systems, natural language understanding [Tomáš Macek, IBM Research, PDF]

      11. Law and Ethics [JUDr. Veronika Křížová, LL.M., lawyer, PDF]

      12. Accessibility [PDF]

      13. NO LECTURE (holiday)

      14. Intelligent user interfacesCSCW [PDF]
      • Practices

        The time schedule of the practice and the deliverables deadlines are introduced in the following list.

        Note that the deliverable submission can be delayed 24 hours only (with point loss: D1 -2p, D2 - 3p, D3 -4p, D4 -4p). After this delay, you will get NO points and lose the chance to get credits.

        If you feel you are getting into troubles inform us in advance (4 days before deadline) and we will try to find some solution (typically some extra work you should do).

        All practices are mandatory.

        Time schedule at glance follows:

        1. Semester projects assignment [PDF]

        2. Scenarios, storyboards [PDF]

        3. HTA, Design studio - sketching [PDF]

        4. LoFi prototyping - paper mockup, electronic LoFi prototyping [PDF]

        5. HiFi prototyping - Axure

        6. HiFi prototyping - Axure

        7. D1 (User requirements, HCI issues): preparation, structure

        8. D1: first draft; D2 (scenarios, HTA, sketches, paper mockup): preparation, structure

          • D1 submission (Sun 25. 11. 2018 + 4 hours)

        9. D2: first draft; D3 (electronic LoFi prototyping): preparation, structure

          • D2 submission (Sun 2. 12. 2018 + 4 hours)

        10. D3: Individual work on the semester project
        11. D3: first draft

          • D3 submission (Sun 16. 12. 2018 + 4 hours)

        12. D4 (HiFi prototyping, design document): preparation, structure
        13. NO PRACTICE (holiday)

        14. D4: first draft + presentation of HiFi prototype

          • D4 submission (Sun 13. 1. 2019 + 4 hours)

        • Semester project topics

          For semester project topics please see the slides from the first practice.

          • Deliverables

            Following you will find description of four deliverables you will submit during the practice.

          • Classification

            The classification rules of this course are as follows:


            • max. 2 missed practices
            • min. 40 points
            • submitted semester project
              • min. 5 points per deliverable
              • max. delay 24 hours (with point penalty)
              • delay > 24 hours = NO CREDITS
              • do excuse at least 4 days before the deadline (extra work will be assigned)


            • mandatory
            • written test + oral exam
            • min. 10 points


            • D1-D4: 70 points
              • D1: 10 points, D2: 15 points, D3: 20 points, D4: 20 points + 5 points for presentation
            • exam: 30 points
            • extra points: max. 3 points
              • World Usability Day (8. 11. 2018, - 3 points
              • UX Monday - Semiotics and icons (5. 11. 2018, - 2 points