Topic outline

  • BE9M04AKP - Academic Writing


    Objective(s): The overall aim of this course is not to increase the student’s level of English, but to improve the student’s skills and abilities of writing academically (in English). This course is not simply an opportunity for students who have registered to have someone (the instructor) simply proofread and correct their texts - the ultimate goal of the course will be that the student is able to write (better) in English at an academic level.

    If a student’s level of English is not up to the expected level of this course (B2 Upper-Intermediate), it is the student’s responsibility to take action to improve it (outside of this course). It is hoped that by working and writing in English on a regular basis throughout this course that participants will, naturally, improve their level of English in one way or another.

    Materials: Provided by instructor (this semester).

    Requirements: Students are to…

    …miss no more than 2 classes (excessive lateness can lead to an absence).

    …participate actively during class.

    …work independently on home assignments (repeated neglect of HW assignments can result in expulsion / failure to get credit)

    …hand in a written assignment.*

  • Week 1

    Course Introduction, Credit Requirements

    ACADEMIC WRITING          

    • Week 2


      (Pre-writing & Planning)           

      Choosing and Narrowing a Topic /Brainstorming                       

      • Week 3


        Writing an Introductory Paragraph
        Writing a Conclusion

        • Week 4

          PARAGRAPHS Part One

          Paragraph Structure

          • Week 5

              PARAGRAPHS Part Two     

               Topic Sentences / Supporting Sentences & Details

            • Week 6

              PARAGRAPHS Part Three
              Unity & Coherence

              • Week 7

                CONCRETE SUPPORT Part One
                Facts versus Opinions

                • Week 8

                  CONCRETE SUPPORT Part Two

                  Quotations, Paraphrases, and Summaries

                  • Week 9

                    TRANSITION SIGNALS

                    • Week 10

                      COMPARISON & CONTRAST

                      • Week 11

                        CAUSE and EFFECT

                        • Week 12


                          The comma / The Semicolon / The Colon

                           Abbreviations & Numbers / American vs British English

                          • Week 13

                            FORMAL LETTER WRITING
                            Letters of Application & Complaint

                            • Week 14

                              Spare Week, Credits