Topic outline

  • AE2M99CZS - Digital Signal processing

    The subject gives overview about basic methods of digital signal processing and their applications (examples from speech and biological signal processing): disrete-time signals and systems, signal characteristics in time and frequency domain, Fourier transform, fast algorithms for DFT computation, introduction to digital filter design, digital filtering in time and frequency domain, decimation and interpolation and their usage in filter banks, basics of LPC analysis. Further details can be found at . 

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  • Literature

    1. Oppenheim, A.V., Shafer, R.W.: Discrete-Time Signal Processing. 3rd edition. Prentice-Hall, 2009

    2. Vaseghi S.V..: Advanced Digital Signal Processing and Noise Reduction. 4th edition. Wiley, 2008

    3. The MathWorks: MATLAB User's and Reference Guides.

    (Any other book devoted to digital signal processing.)