Electric drive for automation and robotics

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Electric drive for automation and robotics (Main course) A3B14EPR
Credits 6
Semesters Summer
Completion Assessment + Examination
Language of teaching Czech
Extent of teaching 2+2s
Principle, philosophy and characteristics sources seat power control energy, changers for power supply small el. drive. Industrial automat used for drive el. drive. Small machinery and special electrical machine used in automatization and robots. Proposal electrical drive for automation application. Practical exhibits and check feature el. drive
Course outlines
1.Energy resources, battery and storage batteries, solar battery, fuel elements, micro - sources, energy harvesting
2.El. přístroje, intelligent relay, etherial actuator, solenoid actuator valve, industrial logical automata
3.Parts and circuits' wattage electronics
4.Basic circuit power supply - rectifier, equable changers tension
5.Contrast bath changers tension, chopper, changers frequency
6.Equable drives for automatization - commutator pitch self - contained winding
7.Equable drives for automatization - with electronic commutation
8.CU motors with pulse wattage step PWM, basic characteristics CU rate
9.Kinematics drive, proposal driving troop with by selection gear - box
10.Linear electric drive in automatization - principles and drive
11.Servo drives with permanent magnet
12.Mikromotors and nanomotors, piezomotors, electrostatic motors, locomotion
13.El. drivers in computer technology - from ventilator to disk drive
14.Micro-drive unit and driving troop remote - control mock - ups
Exercises outlines
1.Briefing about labour protection, organization exercising - laboratories
2.Metering on storage battery, solar source - speed-load characteristic
3.Solid - state source - wiring and working principle
4.Osciilographic measuring on frequency transducer at power supply induction motor
5.Industrial automata - PLC - programming and drive drive
6.Speed control DC motor by the help of changers tension with analogue regulation - RC2000
7.Metering on drives MAXON - setting current regulator, turns and position - computer control
8.Metering on drives MAXON - characteristics start and speed control
9.Drive drive after interface RS- 232 and CAN - cooperation drives
10.Linear drive - setting orbit movement
11.Servo with permanent magnet - stepless speed control and position
12.Drive servos by the help of PLC - system - model railway
13.Drives for remote - control mock - up - micro-drive unit
14.Drive curve type LEGO MINDSTORMS - Next Mindstorms NTX inclusion
1.Dr. Urs Kafader - Selection of high-precision microdrives CH-6072 Sachsen / Switzerland 2006 ISBN 3-9520143-4-6
2.Maxon motor ag - Magnetism - Basics, Forces, Applications CH-6072 Sachsen / Switzerland 2008 ISBN 978-3-9520143-5-6
3.Dr. Otto Stemme, Peter Wolf, - Principles and Properties of Highly Dynamic DC Miniature Motors - Interelectric AG, CH-6072 Sachsen / Switzerland 1994
4.Francis H. Raven - Automatic Control Engineering, McGraw-Hill, Inc. ISBN 0-07-051341-4, 1995