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  • B3MPVT, BE3MPVT - Práce v týmu / Team work

    Team work is the basis of most activities that people execute in the companies but also in their private life. In this course you can try, how to solve technical project in team, how to cooperate, how to communicate, how to deal with the problems of schedule delay, how to include external factors etc.

    The main characteristics of the course is following:

    1. The team consists of at least 3 members.
    2. You have to choose the topic, i.e. form the teams, till the end of the first week of the semester. On Monday, February 26, the teams will be moved to this course in Moodle.
    3. It is necessary to follow the deadline of submitting the required reports.
    4. You will cooperate with the project supervisor on the technical solution as well as on the project planning.
    5. The course is evaluated with 6 credits, which corresponds to 150 hours per semester (with the exam period) per each student.
    6. The role of the team leader rotates among the team members. The leader is changed with each project milestone.
    7. The assessment consists of the supervisor's assessment (50%), keeping the deadlines and presenting the final presentation (30%), and of the points you assess one another (20%).
    8. All reports and other documents are uploaded to Moodle. There will also be the assessment results there.
    9. Additional materials may appear throughout the course on Moodle.
    10. The final deadline and the date of the final presentations is going to be in the exam period.
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