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  • BE5B35LSP - Logic systems and processors

    The course is an introduction to basic hardware structures of computing resources, their design, and architecture. It provides an overview of the implementation of data operations at hardware and the creation of embedded processor systems with peripherals on advance programmable logic FPGAs.

    The course requires basic knowledge of logic functions and binary numbers presented in APOLOS prerequisite, see http://dcenet.felk.cvut.cz/edu/fpga/doc/Apolos_V11_eng.pdf

  • Week 1

    Lecture - Logic functions

    Practical exercises: Introduction

  • Week 2

    Lecture: Shannon expansion, VHDL

    Practical exercises: Project for DE2 board

  • Week 3

    Lecture: VHDL concurrent constructions compiled by multiplexer

    Practical exercises: Advance wor with Quartus block diagrams

    • Week 4

      Lecture: Priority task and VHDL process

      • Week 5

        Lecture: RS-latch, Master-Slave flip-flop, SROM memories

        • Week 6

          Lecture:  Combinational hazards and sequential circuits in VHDL

          • Week 7

            Ripple effect in circuits, adders and counters. Metastability.

            • Week 8

              Finite state machines and control units

              • Week 9

                Processor NIOS, our own processor 42. Phase lock loops.

              • Week 10

                Shift registers and their usage - random generators and CRC codes, Microprogram. Asynchronous bus. 

                • Week 11

                  Interconnection on chips. Avalon bus.

                  • Week 12

                    Nondeterministic automata, finite acceptors, BDD, fix-point arithmetic